Leo Ladouceur | Jan 10, 2018

The Mayor and a group of his friends have banded together to form something called C&T North Frontenac and are pitching the Contribute and Thrive concept to whomever will listen. If we adopt this self-rewarding dogma of Contributing (that is to give a little) in order to Thrive (that is to get a lot) the whole of North Frontenac could be transformed from always being poor to being really really rich.


Twisted volunteerism cannot be preached to long term local residents who built our communities through acts of kindness, giving and sharing. Unlike the new breed, no one expects to thrive, get pay back or get richer from giving. There is no place for selfish motives in volunteering or assisting. The rewards and benefits are the satisfaction, pleasure and delight in helping a neighbor.


The proponents and supporters of the newfound Ubuntu, Contributionism and C&T theories have the backing of a few but certainly not the majority of Township citizens. Initially his cabinet of Councillors blindly supported the Mayor’s dream even though they doubted if any of it was feasible. The mayor’s subsequent attempts at press releases and clarifications left many of us more confused and as doubtful as ever.


These “normal folks or doubters”” are a silent but courteous majority. They will not openly oppose the C&T North Frontenac/Ubuntu proponents in their attempt to advance, develop and prove their new concepts. But as with any new private business venture or project there are some provisos to maintaining silence and peace amongst us. The Mayor, C&T North Frontenac and Ubuntu must do it on their own time, use their own money, follow the planning and land development processes and abide by established environmental protection guidelines. Again as with any other private business -- pay your own way and good luck to you.


Leo Ladouceur

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