Wilma Kenny | Jul 30, 2015

There was as a time not so very long ago, when one could park on both sides of the street in Sydenham, facing whichever way happened to be most convenient. Mill Street on a Friday just before closing time at the Beer Store was no place for the timid driver or the pedestrian.

Although those free-for-all days are gone, traffic continues to increase and there are people who still park on the sidewalk in front of the bank or the post office, slowing traffic and forcing pedestrians into the street.

Tuesday evening Public Works Manager Mark Segsworth and his roads staff presented their proposal to improve parking in Sydenham. One big change would be to make Cross Street one-way from Wheatley to Mill, with parking on the north side only. Signs and lines would make it clear where people can and cannot park throughout the village, and would encourage better use of off-street parking spaces such as the area along the road into the Point.

Following the presentation, several people asked questions and made suggestions: the revised proposal will come to Council for their comments and approval in early September.

Once the parking signs, lines and supporting by-law are in place, the changes will be enforced with public education, and with tickets and fines for persistent offenders. Segsworth and his staff hope to have the new parking program in place before winter.

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