| Aug 01, 2018

(Editors note - this item has been altered since it was first pbliched on August 1. Information received after it was published in the paper version changed the report on Addington Highlands for both wards)

There will be an election for Reeve in Addington Highlands between Henry Hogg and Alice Madigan. Also, in ward 1 incumbents Tony Fritsch (who submitted his papers near the close of nominations) and Kiby Thompson are running, as is Royce Rosenblath. In ward 2, incumbents Bill Cox and Helen Yanch are running again, as is David Miles.

In North Frontenac, 6 incumbents have been acclaimed (Mayor Ron Higgins, Councillors Wayne Good and Fred Perry – ward 1, Gerry Martin and Vernon Hermer – ward 2, and John Inglis in ward 3) Fred Fowler, who ran in ward 3 in 2014 and lost, will be joining council this time, as he was also acclaimed.

In Central Frontenac there are contests in 3 of the 4 districts, the only exception being Oso Disrict, where incumbents Bill MacDonald and Sherry Whan have been acclaimed as has Mayor Frances Smith.

In Kennebec District, incumbants Tom Dewey and Cindy Kelsey are seeking re-election, and they are being challenged by Isaac Hale.

In Olden, there is only one incumbent running, Victor Heese, along with former Reeve of Olden Township Elwyn Burke, Dan Cunnigham, and Bill Everett.

In Hinchinbrooke, incumbents Phil Smith and Brent Cameron are being challenged by Nicki Gowdy.

In South Frontenac there is a 3 way race for Mayor. Incumbent Ron Vandewal is being challenged by Mark Schjerning and Phil Archambault.

In Portland District, incumbent Brad Barbeau, Bruno Albano, Tom Bruce, Doug Morey and Ray Leonard are all seeking the two positions.

In Loughborough, incumbent Ross Sutherland is running again, as are Fran Willes, Randy Ruttan, and Farrah Soaft.

There will be no election in Bedford and Storrington District. Incumbents Pat Barr and Alan Revill were declared elected in Beford and the same is the case for Ron Sleeth and Norm Roberts in Storrington.

In Tay Valley, there are three candidates for Mayor, Incumbent Keith Kerr, Brian Campbell and Susan Freeman, two candidates for Deputy Mayor, Barry Crampton and Judy Farrell, and three candidates for he two South Sherbrooke Ward positions, incumbents Roxanne Darling and Mark Burnham, and Rob Rainer.

In Lanark Highlands there are three candidates for Mayor: Terry Lee Donaldson, Perter Mclaren, and Brian Stewart. There are three candidates for Deputy Mayor: John Wilson Hall, Bob Mingie and Bill Nelson.

In ward 5 there are three candidates for one position: Ryan Hunter, Jeannie Kelso and Mary Kirkham.

Finally there will be one familiar and one new face representing Frontenac Islands at the Frontenac County Council table. Mayor Dennis Doyle will be back as he has been acclaimed, as have both candidates for Wolfe Island Council positions, Barbara Springay, and Jarda Zborovsky. Because Doyle lives on Wolfe Islands, the county rep will be the candidate from Howe Island who receives the most votes. The candidates for the two Howe Islands spots are Bruce Higgs, Tim Kirby, Noreen MacDougall, and Eric Wainwright. Natalie Nossal, the current county rep from Howe Island, is not running.

School Board elections

There are two candidates for Limestone District School Board trustee for South Frontenac, incumbent Suzanne Ruttan and Roger Curtis. In Central and North Frontenac, Karen McGregor has been acclaimed to a second term as Limestone Trustee.

Leslie Ford is challenging incumbent Wendy Procter for Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic Board Trustee for Frontenac County.

Diane Burns and Michel Charron are both running for French Language Separate School Board Trustee. Rachel Laforest has been acclaimed as French Language Public School Board Trustee.

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