| Feb 20, 2019

The Kennebec Historical Society has been focusing on churches of late, and the society’s display at the Frontenac Heritage Festival Saturday in Arden reflected the recent focus.

“We’re collecting things over time,” said society member Sarah Hale. “We get quite a few things from estates.”

One of the things they’ve acquired of late is a History of the Arden Standard Church, by Bessie Wager Seiter.

In it, Seiter tells a story of Mrs. Joe Hughes, who owned a general store in town.

One day, Mrs. Hughes became gravely ill.

“The doctor did all he could but to no avail,” the history relates. “She lapsed into a coma and the doctor felt she was on her death bed.

“Rev. Burtch called in Rev. J.B. Pring, Rev. Martin Slack and Rev. George Kelly. They anointed her, prayed over her and shortly she roused.

“She remarked that she felt as someone had put her to sleep and operated on her. She asked for her clothes, dressed and from that moment was healed.”

Strangely enough, the estate of Irene Monds donated not only a collection of dolls and a wedding dress but also a book that contained the same story, lending more credence to it.

The society also has documentation on the old United Church, which burned in 1952, as well as many others.

“At one point, there were three Methodist Churches,” Hale said. “Now, there are three active churches, the United, Anglican and Standard, which 10 years ago joined with the Weselyan.”

Hale said they’re always looking for new members and to join, contact Hale at 613-335-2073. For $5 yearly fee, you get their newsletter and they plan a museum trip and strawberry social each year.

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