Pam Giroux | Nov 01, 2018

Facing retirement is a very timely topic of conversation for those of us 50 and older. Canadian playwright, Michael Wilmott, has chosen retirement and what that all means to us as the theme for his comedy “ A Red Plaid Shirt”.

The situations in the play revolve around two couples who have been friends for years. The women, Deb and Gladys, seem to have accepted this change in their life path with relative ease. Their husbands, Marty and Fred, however, are not finding it quite so easy; in fact, at times they seem lost at sea. Therein lies the humour in this delightful Canadian Comedy.

Marty, searching for a purpose, thinks he would like to buy a motorcycle and explore the open road. His buddy, Fred, has become a lot more introspective and now spends his time worrying about his health, checking his symptoms on his lap top. The two friends at the urging of their spouses decide to take a woodworking class at the High School together rather than face a “honey do” list prepared by their wives.

The woodworking shop provides many comedic scenes between the two friends that will surely keep audiences in stitches.

Rehearsals have been underway since mid-September and the actors are having fun exploring the nuances of their characters. A Production crew is in place working on the set, gathering props and costumes and doing all the necessary ground work to provide the finished Show.

Our Producer, Peggy Muldoon, will keep the News informed on further developments as Rehearsals progress.

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