| Oct 17, 2018

It was a busy year for the Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society, president Derek Redmond told its annual general meeting last week at the Anglican Church Hall in Sharbot Lake.

Redmond outlined the new station display which houses artifacts from the original station, production of a new map and brochure, a simulated grade crossing, more flowers and a flag as additions to Railway Heritage Park as well as last June’s Caboosefest gathering, T-shirt sales and participation in the Haunted Walk.

Director Sally Angle felt it important to point out that the rail display sign outside the Caboose is not the original, which is housed in the artifacts display shed.

“That’s right,” said Redmond. “It’s actually a photo on aluminum and we thought it unwise to display the original outside because it might deteriorate and we’ve already had one sign stolen.

“But from a passing horse on the trail, it looks passable.”

Treasurer Wayne Moase reported that despite several expenses (including about $3,950 to restore the track mobile), the Society still has $3,066 in the bank, part of which is due to a $1,159 grant the Society received from the Province of Ontario.

Part of the AGM is devoted to the election of directors. Derek Redmond, Sally Angle, Barb Neill, Lois Webster, Dean Wedden, Wayne Moase and Jerry Turzanski were elected. The directors will meet to choose officers from their ranks.

Ongoing projects listed included an aluminum pole for the block signal lights erected, replacing the steel wheels on the track mobile, a third motion detecting flood light, and essays for wayfaring signs to be erected by the County on the K & P Trail. The signs are slated for the Trailhead in Sharbot Lake, Tichborne, Shibley Road and Road 38, and White Lake Road and Road 38 — essentially where the trail crosses Road 38.

They’re also looking at planting more trees and installing a solar power system.

“We have the money for trees and Villages Beautiful will plant them,” said Angle.

The Society will look at sponsorship partnerships for the solar system.

Oh, and “we’re always looking for volunteers to man the Caboose during the summer,” said Angle.

Another aspect the Society is looking into is Heritage Festival weekend.

Mike Procter and Bob Miller are looking at moving their trappers display to Sharbot Lake from Arden next year.

“We noticed there’s not much going on in Sharbot Lake that weekend and we’d like to be a little closer to home,” Procter said. “We’d like to do the display with stew, hot chocolate and bannock.

“Arden is fine on its own.”

The Procter/Miller 1750-1850 camp began in Crow Lake Village before moving to Arden.

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