| Oct 10, 2018

As per usual, the Sharbot Lake Farmers Market season ended on the Thanksgiving weekend, and among the regular vendors, the most common plan for life without the market seemed to be “sleeping in” on Saturdays.

“I’m going to sleep in,” said Brenda Kerr of Maple-Lim Farms.

“I’ll be sleeping in, but we’ll still be processing the pumpkin patch,” said Pete Nilson of Unusual Acres.

“Yes, I’ll sleep in but we’ll still be processing,” said Sue Cole.

“I do have a memorial service to go to next weekend,” said Ken Howes.

“I don’t know, depends on the weather, I guess,” said Rita Boehmer. “I’ll either be working in the garden or knitting socks.”

“I’m going to stay home, plain and simple,” said Mary Ellen Whan. “Maybe have another cup of coffee.”

“Well, I have phone webinar next Saturday at 3,” said Eric Zierer.

“I’ll catch up on chores,” said Cari Tryon.

“I think I’ll go hunting,” said Isaac Hale.

Darlene Conboy said she’ll be getting her hair done for a wedding next Saturday.

“And relishing that I don’t have to be here,” she said jokingly. “Actually, I’ll really miss it and be at loose ends for a couple of Saturdays.

“I’ll miss all the people.”

At least one regular, Naomi Ono, was looking forward to spending Saturday morning with her kids.

“I’ll be making some pancakes,” she said. “With fruit sauce and whipped cream.

“We had been doing that on Sundays.”

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