| Aug 22, 2018

It was billed as “Brought to you by: All of us in Arden.”

“It was the seed of an idea that fell on fertile ground,” said organizer Jordan Chatwin. “This really is a great place to grow a community.”

Earlier this year, Chatwin got to talking with a few people about the possibility of holding a Family Field Day at Arden Recreational Park — you know, races, games, a barbecue, wagon rides, ponies for petting.

So, he started getting together with groups like the (District 1) rec committee, the United Church, Matson Construction and the Fire Department. And last Saturday, it all came together.

“It’s just to promote recreation for kids and families in the area,” he said. “But I kind of envision it as like every fair you’ve ever been to as a kid.

“We even have cotton candy.”

Chatwin said it’s “100 percent” that they’ll hold another one next year, and he’d like to see it as a two-day event.

“We can’t be sure between now and then, but I’d like to involve business more,” he said. “I’d like to see those booths where you can get switchblade combs.

“Getting back to the fertile ground metaphor, the sky’s the limit and we’ve laid the foundation.”

“It’s a day in the park,” said Arden Coun. Cindy Kelsey. “We just need some bands playing music.”

And strangely enough, while it was set up for Arden residents, it seemed to attract a significant number of people from outside the immediate area.

“Many of the people I’ve been talking to are not from Arden,” said Louise Moody, who was there with an EarlyON booth. “I like doing this.”

“There must be a lot of people from outside the area,” said Malcolm Sampson. “I don’t believe we have this many kids in Arden.”

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