| Aug 15, 2018

For the past three years, one of the more popular events at the Sharbot Lake Farmers Market has been burger day. That’s the day they set up the barbecue and make you a locally-sourced burger with (just about) all the trimmings coming from the area as well.

“It’s as local as we can make it,” said burger barista Kate Howes, who took over this year as organizer from Dean Wedden. “They asked for a volunteer, so I volunteered,” she said. “We pushed it back a couple of weeks so we could have local tomatoes and lettuce.

“Unfortunately, nobody’s onions were ready yet.”

OK, so other than the onions, mustard and ketchup, everything comes from the area.

First, you go see Kate and pay for your burger. You can have the basic burger for $5 (but really, isn’t the point to load it up with local veggies?) or the “locavore” for $5.50. Cheese from the Wilton Cheese Factory will bump your burger up to $6.

Then you go over to Erik Zierer at the barbecue donated by the Masons Lodge and get your bun (from The Corner Bakery) and your patty (from Tryon Farm and/or Whan Farm).

Then you go back to Howes to have her load it up for you.

The lettuce and tomatoes came from Learning Curve Garden and there were also sprouts (speckled pea micro shoots to be exact) from Unusual Acres.

The final touch was relish and pickles from Maple Lim Farm. (And if you didn’t get the pickles…big mistake. Excellent pickles for a burger.)

“And then you also get a (mini) butter tart from Simple and Sweet,” Howes said.

Howes said the idea behind burger day is to showcase some of the local products available.

It’s also kind of fun in a foodie sort of way.

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