| Aug 08, 2018

While the Frontenac Frolic is “geared towards children,” organizer Susan O’Brien Mactaggart said they hope they “have something for everyone.”

In its eight year on Saturday at Glendower Hall, it certainly appeared that they were reaching a wide audience, as cars were parked on both sides of Westport Road as far as the eye could see.

It’s the Bobs & Crow Lakes Foundation’s annual fundraiser that finances various projects of the Bobs & Crow Lakes Association such as lake charts, septic re-inspection programs and shoreline planting, she said. Other programs funded have included 60 shoal marker buoys, nine emergency water pumps, boating and cottage safety cards, tables and chairs for Crow Lake School, a welcome kit for new residents, five walleye spawning bed improvements including underwater camera and support equipment to monitor spawning beds, summer student project leadership and a shoreline study.

“We hope if all goes well, there will be a ninth,” she said.

The popular cow-flop bingo returned as did the flea market and silent auction. Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo was a popular returnee and Peter Persona entertained with puppets and balloon animals.

And, once again, there was the popular baked goods table, to which South Frontenac Coun. Pat Barr contributed.

“Well, I live on the lake, so I donated a couple of blackberry pies,” Barr said. “They didn’t last long.”

Barr said she enjoys the annual event for a variety of reasons.

“Well, I have an interest in the community and I enjoy seeing people you often only see at funerals,” she said. “I’m also a member of the historical society and we open up the archives for this event.

“Plus, I’m a collector of God knows what.”

And this year, there was an added attraction for the councilor.

“It’s the first major event since the new front steps (and ramp) were completed,” she said. “Aren’t they beautiful?

“They should be, they cost enough.”

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