Bernie Dertinger | Jul 04, 2018

A loon pair successfully hatched a couple of chicks a week ago on Kennebec Lake.

On Canada Day afternoon one of the chicks was reported abandoned. Ms Anne Levon later rescued a loon chick that was being attacked by a snake. She took it to the Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre in Napanee where it was treated and returned on Monday morning (July 2) to her care, with the hope of reunification with its family.

Late in the morning an attempt was made at reuniting the family.

In her kayak, Noreen Dertinger attempted to tow Anne, who was in the water, chick in hand, to the loon family. No luck. Judy Kennedy then took the chick and Judy’s husband Terry successfully steered his motor boat near the adult loons and the other chick. Judy released the rescued one. The adult loons investigated and accepted the almost orphaned chick.

The successful reunification effort was preceded by a flurry of news earlier in the weekend when Tony Downs reported a dog chasing the loon family.

The dog chase prompted an email to cottagers to give the loons their space and a caution that harassing wild life is a criminal offence.

In previous years one visitor to the lake gunned his speed boat at a loon chick prompting a police investigation. Another time a chick got entangled in fishing gear and a big rescue effort notwithstanding, ultimately perished. Yet another chick was snatched by a bald eagle. There is only one nesting pair of Loons on Kennebec Lake. Another pair, who attempted to establish a nest on the nearby Salmon River, were not successful this year.

Loons face a multitude of natural and man made perils.

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