| May 23, 2018

On June 16, the first day of Bass season, a new fishing derby is being organised for Sharbot Lake. Although it is starting small, organisers are sticking to the protocols of events that are sanctioned by the Ontario BASS nation, thinking that over time the Sharbot Lake derby may become a professional event.

“For now” said organiser Kirk Chabot,” we just want to get something started, we just want to plant the seed. If we get only 15 times, great, but maybe we will get more.”

Chabot, who is a fishing enthusiast himself, is working with the District 3 (Oso) Recreation Committee on the event.

Admission is $50 per person, with up to three fishers per team. The total weight of 8 fish, which must be live when they are brought to the weigh station, is used to determine the winning team, which will take home half of the entry fees up to $1,000 if 40 people register for the event. The fish must all be caught in Sharbot Lake.

Fishing and weigh-in can take place on either basin of the lake, from 7am to 3pm, and registration starts at 6:15am.

“We are calling it the King of Sharbot Lake to create some interest and to consider what this event might become over time. Sharbot Lake already has a great Canada Day, and a Heritage Festival but there is lots of room for something new, and maybe this will be it,” said Chabot.

For more information contact Kirk Chabot at 613-200-9878, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to the King of Sharbot Lake Facebook page.

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