| Apr 25, 2018

District 4 resident Nicki Gowdy was at Central Frontenac’s regular Council meeting Tuesday in Sharbot Lake looking for some answers regarding the Piccadilly substation and the truck that’s stationed there.

The truck (along with its counterpart in the Henderson substation) was taken out of service Feb. 26 but returned April 17 for medical responses only.

“I’m not here to point any fingers or lay blame,” she said. “(But) many ideas and ‘facts’ have been circulating. That made me stop and think and question some of the validity of that information.”

Gowdy said she did some research and found that the (Picadilly) truck and CET CAFS System was purchased in 2008/2008.

“Mainly it was chosen with the idea that it could navigate the un-maintained cottage roads that other large emergency vehicles couldn’t,” she said. “Additional sets of heavy leaf springs were added and the current Council purchased a second truck last year.”

Mayor Frances Smith agreed that there are some questions that need to be answered regarding the two substations and the trucks stationed there and directed the clerk to ask for a report from the fire chief.

Coun. Brent Cameron asked that information on how to bring the current trucks up to operational standards if needed be part of the report.

Auditor pleased
KPMG auditor Vicki Leakey was glowing in her praise of the Township’s finances for 2017.

“Again it was an unqualified clean audit report,” she said.

Leakey singled out the Township’s handling of reserves for special praise.

Trillium grant for trail
Clerk Administrator Cathy MacMunn told Council that the Township has been successful in its application for a $55,000 Trillium Grant for work on the Thomson’s Cut portion of the K & P Trail through Sharbot Lake.

“We have to do a presentation with MPPs present at some time but it will probably have to wait until after the (provincial) election,” she said.

Winter maintenance under budget
Treasurer Michael McGovern reported that in the first quarter of 2018 (January-March), the winter control budget costs were $75,000 lower than the same period last year. He also said that the Township has been awarded $13,440 more in student funding which will allow for eight summer students this year.

Junior Firefighters
Dep. Fire Chief Jamie Riddell told Council that the department is looking into adding a new category of junior firefighters adding programs for 14- and 15-year-olds given the interest they’ve received.

“A number of students are interested in getting their volunteer hours as junior firefighters,” he said. The new positions would be classed as stage 1 junior firefighters and are purely voluntary. Junior firefighters 16- and 17-years-old are classed as stage 2 junior firefighters are do receive compensation.

Riddell also said that firefighters that reach 60 years of age will be classed as senior firefighters (excluding chiefs and deputy chiefs) which essentially means they won’t be allowed to enter burning buildings but will still have many valuable duties like driving vehicles.

“For us, having drivers during the daytime is often key,” Riddell said.

Coun. John Purdon took exception to the age 60 restrictions.

“I’m saying it might not be fair,” Purdon said. “There’s nothing magical about the age and there are plenty of people in their 60s who are better shape than many in their 50s.”

Heritage Festival raises 10 grand
Mike Procter of the Frontenac Heritage Committee told Council that the 2018 edition was another successful Festival, raising $9,890 for charities and non-profit organizations, putting a few dollars into local businesses that wouldn’t be there otherwise as well as giving residents something to do in February.

However, Procter said the Festival Committee is in need of volunteers, in particular a chair and someone to oversee the talent show as Rob Moore won’t be available.

“The first meeting is in October and there’s one each month until February so let me know if you want to volunteer,” he said.

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