Wanda Harrison | Feb 21, 2018

On the agenda of the July 5, 2017 council meeting held in Arden, a presentation was made by Glen Matson and Wanda Harrison requesting permission to remove a large pine tree in front of the Community Centre. With permission granted the tree was safely and efficiently removed September 18. It had been decided, at that time, to make a dedication to the past forefathers of Kennebec Township, at the opening of the new Heritage Garden, but unfortunately due to a multitude of reasons, that did not happen.

After some discussions, it was decided that the Heritage Festival Weekend would be the more, appropriate time to reschedule that dedication, so with the help of Paddy O’Connor, Town Crier, the unveiling of the plank, milled from the old tree, along with photos and a framed tribute took place Saturday February 17.

Glen briefly explained how in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s the Township of Kennebec council showed appreciation to the seniors of the day, by hosting annually, a catered meal with entertainment. The tradition was started by Reeve Dorothy Gaylord and continued under the leadership of Reeve George Pringle. At the 1984 dinner Reeve Pringle arranged to have a Pine tree moved from the woods and planted at the Community Centre, in the Seniors honour. And so this tree stood, until it unfortunately had to be removed for safety reasons.

Glen, the Historical Society and the Recreation Committee, all felt that there had to be a lasting tribute to those who proceeded us, establishing our Hamlet. Looking at the photographs and those pictured you will see many familiar names; Knight, Woodcock, See, Monds, Scott, Barnett, Peterson and Matson to name just a few. It’s those folks who formed the backbone of the Community we know today.

It is now our turn to make memories, and so 2 new ornamental shrubs were planted last fall, starting the process. This vibrant community is involved in numerous events and are represented in various venues, any or all of which, will help to continue the traditions of the Hamlet and to establish new ones.

The tribute is a wonderful addition to the Community Centre and if you have the opportunity to visit our wonderful community, drop in and see our new addition.




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