Apr 15, 2015

by Valerie Allan

On April 8, NAEC students and staff once again celebrated the International Day of Pink. An assembly was held, in which the whole school participated, and it was a sea of pink. Students wore pink clothes, accessories, and/or pins. The assembly was led by Madi Lemki, Cassandra Parks, Lucas Parks and Selena Pelicos. These students had recently returned from the “Dare to Stand Out” conference in Kingston, and were eager to share their message with their peers and the staff. The group outlined the origins of the Day of Pink, and then stressed that “A pink shirt doesn’t stop bullying – you do!” Their message was that a bystander is contributing to bullying, if they don’t stand up for their fellow students. At lunchtime, the Grade 8 class joined Secondary students to play “Pop the stigma”. Pink balloons were attached to the wall with common stigmas or stereotypes taped to them. A student would read the stigma, then pop the balloon and read the answer which was inside. It was a fun, if noisy, activity. Students also signed posters which had the pledge “A pink shirt doesn’t stop bullying – I do!” This is the fourth year in a row that NAEC has observed the International Day of Pink.

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