| Sep 03, 2014

Trouble with new fire hall construction in Northbrook

In a verbal report to Addington Highlands Council at their Sept. 2 meeting, Fire Chief Casey Cuddy talked about a disagreement that has emerged with the construction company, Task Force Construction, that is building a new fire hall for the township south of Northbrook. Some other issues with the company have emerged as well.

The dispute has to do with the wiring for an emergency generator at the new hall. To save money the township opted not to have Task Force put in a generator, which they had costed at $30,000 in their bid.

“They are saying that the $30,000 was for the generator and the wiring, and by opting out of one we were opting out of the other,” Cuddy said.

“The specs included the wiring. I think we should get Jewell Engineering to deal with this. That's what we are paying them to do,” said Deputy Reeve Bill Cox.

Members of council also noted that the project has not been proceeding as expected.

“They aren't there today,” said Reeve Henry Hogg, “and some of what I've seen is unusual.”

Hogg said that he saw insulation going in on a wet day.

“They said if the insulation is wet they will pull it out,” Hogg added.

Township to meet with ministry over Official Plan

Addington Highlands' five-year Official Plan review, which has not been ratified by the Ministry of Housing and Rural Affairs two years after it was first submitted, will be the subject of a meeting between the township and the ministry in late September.

The two sides are not close to agreeing on the final wording of the document.

“They are putting restrictions on waterfront lots in their wording, restrictions on hamlets; the whole document they are putting forward will tie our hands,” said Reeve Hogg.

“It looks like this review won't be complete until we have to start our next five-year review,” he added.

Grading, grass cutting have something in common.

Deputy Reeve Bill Cox reported that the library board has complained about the lawn mowing in front of the two libraries. “The boy gets heck if he cuts it too early, or if he cuts it too late. They need more things to think about.”

In his own report, Public Works Manager Royce Rosenblath said he “knows how the grass cutter feels. You grade the roads too much for some people, not enough for others. Everybody complains,” he said.

On a more ominous note, Rosenblath reported that winter sand is being delivered to the Denbigh garage.

“Winter is coming,” he said.  

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