Aug 20, 2014

submitted by the Pioneer Museum

The museum will only be open a few more weeks and many folks have not yet seen the special display about the First World War.

In the words of curator Marg Axford: "Like many other museums, libraries and other cultural institutions across the country this year, the Cloyne Pioneer Museum and Archives is paying tribute to those young men who went from this area to fight in "the Great War".

Their contributions are no less important than those in large centres; indeed, in many ways. the impact of their sacrifices seems greater, because they represent such small numbers of people.

These were boys, really, who were out working the fields of their family farms when recruiters came along. Township and church halls, and perhaps the local hotel, were also canvassed. The lads were told by their recruiters that if they came to Kingston, or to Belleville, to join up, they would spend the winter in those cities doing training and would be home in the spring for next year's planting.

So many signed up. So many did not return."

You will see some of their photos in the museum, which is open daily from 10 am to 4pm in July & August.

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