| Jun 19, 2014

Noise bylaw exemption on hold

A request from the Mazinaw Lakeside Dine and Recline on Highway 41 for an exemption to the township’s noise bylaw for events on each of the three summer long weekends was opposed by a couple who have a seasonal residence near the resort.

The couple, who drove up from Hamilton for the meeting, said that on two occasions so far this year, one in March and again on the Victoria Day weekend, the noise has been excessive.

“We have been pretty patient, but the noise has increased each time. The amplification has increased. We thought we'd better make our point before this becomes hell on wheels,” one of the couple said.

“It is difficult enough to have a business in this area and we don’t want to discourage anyone,” said Reeve Henry Hogg, “but if the neighbours aren't being taken into account it is a problem. I can see asking people to put up with one event per year, but at some point consideration must be given.”

“We are not the only ones who have a problem with this. We have friends among permanent residents who don't want to make waves, but the sound really is something else. I'd rather hear a Skil-saw going over pavement,” said the other person.

“I think we should say no to this request and communicate to them that we would agree to one event per year,” said Councilor Tony Fritsch.

“On Victoria Day they didn't even ask for an exemption,” pointed out Councilor Helen Yanch.

Nonetheless, Council did decide to reject the request for three exemptions while indicating to Mazinaw Lakeside that a request for a single exemption would likely receive a different response.

Trouble brewing on County Road 41

A section of Highway 41 located south of Highway 7, where the highway is owned and maintained by Lennox and Addington County, is facing the possibility of flooding if a beaver dam on Raccoon Lake lets out.

Public Works Manager Royce Rosenblath told Council that when the road was worked on by the county a couple of years ago, a culvert underneath was blocked.

“We need to find the end of that culvert, which is not only 30 metres long but goes under the road at a 45° angle, to get it unblocked before something happens,” said Rosenblath, “ but it won't be an easy job.”

“If they caused this, don't they pay for this work to fix it?” asked Deputy Reeve Bill Cox.

“No, not for this,” said Rosenblath.

“But if the road is washed out they will have to deal with that,” Cox said.

“They would, but we would like to avoid that.”

Rosenblath also said that calcium will be applied to gravel roads in the township between June 23 and July 15 for dust suppression purposes.

“We have to make sure we don’t put it on before a rain, Rosenblath said.

Sewage backup at Denbigh Community Centre

Councilor Tony Fritsch said that for a third time, coincidentally always on a Saturday, there was a septic backup at the Addington Highlands Community Centre-Denbigh.

The problem was dealt with the following Monday, with the help of a contractor, but “we are baffled as to the cause of this, although there is a bit of a belly in the pipe as well as two 45 degree turns in it before it reaches the tank, we think.”

The situation will be monitored for now.

“We hope it doesn't happen again, but if it does we will have to deal with it. It costs each time, of course,” said Fritsch.

Slow down at fire hall construction site

Fire Chief Casey Cuddy reported that uneven rock underground at the site where the Northbrook Fire Hall is being constructed is slowing down the project.

“They didn't see this coming when they first looked at the site,” Cuddy said, “and because of it they had to sink pipes in the ground, which has slowed things down.”

“Will this put the price up, or is it something they should have anticipated before bidding?” asked Bill Cox.

“They haven't said anything,” said Cuddy.

On another issue, Cuddy said that the Napanee Fire Department, which has been providing dispatch for Addington Highlands, is getting out of the business. Cuddy said that AH is looking at entering a contract with the Kingston Fire Department, which is what Napanee is going to do.

Cuddy said he will talk to the Belleville department as well.

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