| Oct 24, 2013

There are no statistics to go by, but it’s a safe bet there aren’t many full-time paramedics who moonlight as tattoo artists. Sean Baldacchin is certainly the only one in the Frontenac and L&A region and for him the transition to what is his third career came about naturally.

“I got my first tattoo when I was 16 and I have been interested in tattoos ever since,” he said from Pegasus Tattoos in Harlowe earlier this week. Baldacchin served in the Canadian Armed Forces, and when he retired from the military he moved with his wife Pat and six children to a home in Harlowe.

He began working as a paramedic in Northbrook shortly after that and is now employed full time as a paramedic by Lennox and Addington County.

Throughout his adult life, Sean Baldacchin has continued to accumulate tattoos. Two and a half years ago the opportunity arose to begin an apprenticeship with an artist from Ajax and he took it on.

He has completed a course with the Ontario Tattoo Association and has been certified by the Canadian Piercing College. This year Sean put in a bright, well-lit tattoo shop in the front room of his house and after his shop was approved by KFL&A Public Health, Pegasus Ink Tattoos was born.

“It is very important to me that my work is done in a neat and clean environment; that the needles I use are sterile; and that people are given all the information they need so their new tattoos can heal properly,” said Baldacchin.

Indeed, on his website pegasusinktattoo.com, there is a detailed section about the care of fresh tattoos.

In addition to providing options for a wide variety of tattoos, from common stencil tattoos to original drawings, Sean has done a lot of work repairing and rejuvenating faded tattoos or ones that clients either don’t like anymore or have never been happy with.

“I can do any kind of work people want done, but I do tell people to think about what they are doing. For myself, I have avoided tattoos above the shirt line and on my hands, so if I put on a suit there are no tattoos showing. But that’s only me. When a teenager wants a tattoo on their neck or face I tell them I can do that, but they should think about what they plan on doing in the future and whether they are going to make trouble for themselves,” Baldacchin said.

Most of his business since opening his shop has come about through word of mouth. In his career as a paramedic his tattoos have never raised a concern with anyone he has served.

“People are generally pretty happy to see someone when they call an ambulance. They are more worried about their loved one than the appearance of the paramedic. But since I started Pegasus people have started saying to me, when I’m going around Northbrook or even on calls, ‘Are you the tattoo guy? I want something done’”.

Down the road, Sean might want to move Pegasus to Northbrook to take advantage of the walk-in and drive-by traffic, but for now he is happy to book appointments in Harlowe.

To contact Pegasus Ink Tattos, call 613-827-1883 or 613-336-1971; email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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