Mallory Wionzek | Nov 17, 2011

Photo: Garry Rosenblath, Jean MacLean and Mallory Wionzek

On November 4 the residents at Pine Meadow Nursing Home were very excited to open up their new coffee shop, Top-Up! The residents purchased a Tassimo Coffee Maker in October and turned our hair dressing shop into a Coffee Shop as well! We painted and primped and now the room looks like a small café. They sell their coffee (or tea, or cappuccinos or lattes) for $1.50 each, with all proceeds going to the Residents' Council.

If you do not know much about Northbrook, you should know that there is no Tim Hortons or Starbucks with a 60 km radius. So having a fresh-brewed coffee to your liking at the nursing home is a huge treat! The shop has already made well over $300 in sales! The residents even sell coffee cards ($15 for 10 coffees) for those staff who do not always carry change.

The name Top-Up came from our resident, Garry Rosenblath, whose submission was picked in our naming contest. We already have a few staff addicted; one likes her cappuccino at 9am every morning, while two of our kitchen staff are in every day at their two o’clock break. Staff and residents alike are very excited about our new shop, and we look forward to seeing the benefit of something new and fresh in our home. 

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