Jule Koch Brison | Mar 21, 2013

Landclaim Meeting - The Township of South Algonquin is inviting members of other municipal councils and members of Parliament within the Algonquin Land Claim area to a public meeting in Madawaska on April 6. The meeting is being held to give other municipalities an opportunity to voice their concerns about the claim process and the Agreement in Principle. The invitation says that very little or no public input was requested by the Land Claim negotiating team, but that "The residents in the Land Claim area, both Native and Non-native are the people who will have to live with the Agreement forever, when passed."

The letter adds, "It is our hope that a unified voice of all concerned municipalities will have a positive effect on the Agreement."

Several members of Addington Highlands Council expressed an interest in attending the meeting.

Equipment for tender - Council Adam Snider brought forward a motion that all used capital equipment being disposed of by the township be done so by public tendered sale, and that staff and council members, and their immediate family would not be eligible to purchase the equipment. Usually the equipment is traded in when newer equipment is bought, so this policy would replace that practice. The motion was adopted.

Northbrook Canteen to be demolished - Council voted to go ahead with plans to demolish the old canteen building beside the old skating rink in Northbrook and re-route its electrical wiring. The building has not been used for several years. The rink boards will be taken down as well.

Senior of the Year award - Council is starting to seek nominations from the community for a provincial Senior of the Year award program

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