| Sep 06, 2012

Three delegations came to Council looking for roadwork to be done on the roads near their homes.

Derek Mendham and Jim Ferguson, Sheldrake Lake Road residents, came to talk about the condition of the Hughes Landing Road. Mr. Ruth came to talk about the deterioration of culverts over Mallory Creek.

Council said they would look at the requests later on, possibly when considering next year's budget.

Dr. Stephen Connell, who lives on Deerrock Lake Road, also appeared before Council. He talked about a piece of the road that traverses his own property, and asked Council to consider rerouting the road, a job that has been budgeted to $200,000 plus, but which Dr. Connell says can be done for about $50,000. Council did consider Dr. Connell’s request later in the meeting, and decided to deny it. A letter will be sent stating that according to the township's road needs study, the road is adequate and will not be re-routed.

No response to Tanglewood Marina: Ralph Seamons from Tanglewood Marina sent a follow up letter after his appearance before Council last month in Denbigh. Mr. Seamons runs a service that delivers garbage and recycling for his clientele to the Hartsmere waste site, and he proposed some changes to the regulations at the waste site to accommodate his operation.

“I don’t think we should do anything until Mr. Seamons improves his operation,” said Councilor Adam Snider.

“We should not make any promises based on something he might do, because that would be a commitment on our part,” said Reeve Henry Hogg.

Council decided to receive Mr. Seamons’ letter for information.

Fish TV – Addington Highlands Council, following the lead of North Frontenac Council, made a commitment of $5,000, to be paid by April 2014, in support of television productions in the Land O’Lakes by Fish TV. The request for support, which came from the Land O’Lakes Tourist Association, included a number of reports about the benefits the TV show will bring to the local economy.

“I don’t think their numbers are that accurate,” said Deputy Reeve Bill Cox, “I don’t think the township will see huge profits from this.”

“I take those with a grain of salt, but I see the potential as greater than the cost to us,” said Councilor Tony Fritsch.

Play structure closed in Northbrook – The play structure at the Northbrook skate park has been damaged on several occasions, and Council decided to block access to the structure until it can be repaired. Staff will consider how this can be done.

Audit – Martin Secker, from Secker Ross and Perry, chartered accountants, presented the 2011 financial Information report to Council. The presentation covered a far bit of detail, concluding that the “consolidated financial statements are presented fairly – in accordance with generally accepted financial principles.”




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