| Sep 10, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - September 10, 2009 Adddington Highlands Council By Jeff Green

AH Council reluctant to take back roads

Addington Highlands Council agreed to consider a request from Gret Rumesch, who owns a property on the 6th Concession near Flinton. Rumesch has been visiting the property at least once a year for the past 30 years. Over the past year or so, as the result of beaver intrusions, she has come to realise that her road is not being maintained.

Roads Superintendent Royce Rosenblath said that since amalgamation in 1998, the 6th Concession has not been on the list of maintained roads.

“In that case I would like to make the case that it should be included,” Gret Rumesch said. “There is a creek and a beaver pond going across. I know that one of the reasons my husband purchased the property in the first place was because it has access.”

Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch proposed that staff inquire as to whether the road has ever been maintained.

“We can't promise anything but we'll have a look,” said Reeve Henry Hogg.

Other requests for work were less optimistically received.

- The Ashby Lake Association wrote to request that council do some work at the boat launch to the lake, including removing some brush, but Reeve Hogg pointed out that the boat launch is the responsibility of the Ministry of Natural Resources. “If they cut and remove the brush we'll dispose of it,” Hogg said.

- Finally, the residents on Rock Lake wrote to request that the Township put Addington Road #5 “back on the township’s road maintenance list”.

It was pointed out that the agreement with the developer who established lots on Rock Lake said that the township would not be responsible for the road, and the request was denied.

Other road and bridge matters – Royce Rosenblath reported that the road work that accompanied the Flinton bridge project would be completed next week.

A request for a stop sign on Upper Flinton Road was accepted.

Budget amendment – Aside from road matters, Council passed an amendment to their 2009 budget to allow for the purchase of a property just south of Northbrook that will be available to be used for a new township office / fire hall complex in the future. 

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