| Sep 10, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - September 10, 2009 NAEC explores Art and HistoryBy Valerie Allan

Photo: Art and History meet as NAEC Grade 10s Richard Davis and Isaac Duschesne sketch artifacts at the Pioneer Museum in Cloyne with Margaret AxfordThe Grade 10 Art class combined Art and History on a field trip to the Pioneer Museum in Cloyne on September 3. As part of their drawing unit, students sketched many of the interesting artifacts at the museum. After a brief introduction to the museum, students scattered to choose the articles they wished to draw, opting for items inside and outside the museum. Rusty old tools and quaint domestic artifacts were popular, and the students used a variety of drawing materials to render the items.  

Because of the beautiful weather, students enjoyed sitting at the picnic tables outside to draw the farm machinery and cauldrons, and it was a pleasant end to the first week of school.  

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