| Jul 09, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - July 9, 2009 Northbrook Medical Centre 25th Anniversaryby Jeff Green

Back in the 1970s medical services in Northbrook were provided by a nursing staff as well as doctors who flew in from Kingston three days a week. The services, funded by the Physicians and Services Incorporated Foundation for a three year period, were delivered at a clinic that had been set up in the former Northbrook Public School (now the Lions’ hall).

Later the province provided doctors who came in for a few months at a time, but there was no permanent doctor to serve Northbrook and the surrounding region.

A recruitment team was established and visited Ontario medical schools to try to attract a permanent doctor. Doctor Tobia, who had graduated medical school in Ireland and was practising in Newfoundland, contacted the recruitment team and expressed an interest in a rural practice in eastern Ontario. He subsequently relocated to Northbrook with his wife and family.

Doctor Tobia has now been practicing in Northbrook for 25 years. A few years into his practice he built a new medical centre, and the practice has expanded over the years. The medical centre includes a dispensary and dental office, as well as space for the four doctors, full and part time, who practice in Northbrook.

Over the past couple of years the local townships have established doctor recruitment and medical services committees to work with the Northbrook Medical Centre on future projects.

The centre recently joined the Rural Kingston Family Health Network and is in the midst of an application to become a Family Health Team.

There is a satellite office in Denbigh and a satellite in Plevna is being contemplated.

The 25th Anniversary of the Northbrook Medical Centre will be marked by a celebration on Sunday, July 12 in Flinton at the Township Recreation Centre between 2 and 4 pm.

The efforts of all of the people who work or have worked at the medical centre over the past 25 years will be acknowledged. 

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