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Back to HomeFeature Article - July 9, 2009 Addington Highlands Council - Jul 6-09by Jeff Green

Island owners ordered to remove structures

Frank Smith, the co-owner of a very small island on Weslemkoon Lake, appeared at the request of council to discuss some of the construction projects that have been undertaken on the island. At the request of their building inspector, Ed Sheppey, the township passed a motion on June 1 ordering the removal of some cupboards and a roof that has been constructed over a deck that is located on the island.

The island is considerably smaller than the minimum lot size in Addington Highlands. The owners have constructed docks around the island as well, which are not a concern of the township as they are regulated by the Quinte Conservation Authority for the Ministry of Natural Resources.

“The MNR is happy with the docks,” said Smith, “and the previous building inspector said everything we were doing was ok. The roof is less than 108 square feet.”

Eric Sheppey said that the roof is connected by posts to an existing structure, making the total greater than 108 square feet.

“You can't build a shed one year, and another shed the next year, and then connect them up,” said Reeve Henry Hogg. “Our building inspector says that what you have there is not in compliance with our bylaws.”

“We are not asking to build anything more there, and if you don’t like what's there, let's go to the OMB [Ontario Municipal Board] and settle this there. I’d rather not do that; I'd rather that the township give a little,” Smith said.

“I think you need to give a little,” said Councilor Louise Scott.

After Smith left, Henry Hogg asked Eric Sheppey if Smith “has anything to stand on with the OMB.”

“I don't think so,” said Sheppey.

“I think we should stand by our motion of June 1,” said Louise Scott.

Council agreed, and confirmed their motion of June 1 demanding that the structures be removed. Council also passed a motion requesting staff to contact the appropriate authority to determine if the docks on the island have indeed been approved.

Concerns over activities on Crown Land – Individuals who make use of Crown land near Skootamatta Lake have come to the attention of the Skootmatta Ratepayers’ Association because of the amount of garbage they have been leaving behind. Bill Garnish from the association approached council with a proposal that the association clean up the mess and bring the garbage to the township dump for disposal. The township accepted the proposal.

The land in question is under the purview of the Ministry of Natural Resources, which will be coming on July 10 to look at the activities that have taken place there, including the removal of trees, etc.

Clear bag system coming on stream at dumps – Clear bags are now available at township dumpsites, at a cost of $2 each. For now, residents can supply their own clear bags and affix dump tags to them. Once the dump tags are used up, only township-circulated clear bags will be acceptable.

Flooring debacle – Councilor Janice Kerr expressed a concern over the refinishing of floors in township halls.

“I worked for a year and half to get a company in to do the floors at the Denbigh hall, and the company was promised a day and a half’s work doing the Flinton hall, but when they went to the Flinton hall they were turned away by the Flinton Recreation Committee.”

“I would like to have a clarification over who has the ruling over these people coming here. It should not be any committee making this kind of decision,” said Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch.

“It was all set up with [Deputy Clerk] Christine Reed,” said Reeve Hogg. “This should not be Janice’s problem.”

“The issue was about food being served,” said Councilor Louise Scott.

“There was plenty of time before the next dinner,” said Henry Hogg. “I think that somehow there needs to be a clarification here. It was kind of frustrating for you last week, Janice. I can appreciate that.”

“Frustrating wasn't really the right idea,” Janice Kerr said.

Family Health Team – A proposal to establish a Family Health Team at the Northbrook Medical Centre is due at the Ministry of Health next week, and required a motion of support from council. A motion was proposed and passed. 

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