| Jun 04, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - June 4, 2009 Ompah Fish Hatchery needs new managerBy Linda Rush A small but very dedicated crowd attended a meeting at the Ompah Fish Hatchery on Saturday May 30 to consider the future of this hatchery. Its future is in doubt if a hatchery manager cannot be found. This is a voluntary position, and all of the considerable work that is done at the hatchery is also done by volunteers. Dave Slack, who has been acting as both president and manager of the hatchery, needs to step back from his responsibilities immediately for health reasons. He is planning to remain as president, and his wife Cecilia will remain as secretary and treasurer, but neither can take on the role of manager any longer. Dave will be happy to provide any training needed to a new manager.

The Ompah community is very supportive of the hatchery, and many people lend a hand when needed, or have taken regular responsibility over the years for the feeding of the lake trout hatchlings and the cleaning of the tanks. However someone is needed who will coordinate the volunteers, and who will be available to trouble shoot when things go awry, or when decisions have to be made. This is a major responsibility that not many people are willing to shoulder.

Sheila Bissett did step up to the plate at the meeting and she agreed to act as manager for a two-week period while a concentrated search for someone willing to be manager in the longer term is done. All of the many people who have helped with the hatchery over the years, or who have supported it in other ways, are hoping that this crisis can be solved. If not the Ompah hatchery will need to be closed, and the ministry will remove the hatchlings that are there now to another hatchery. These hatchlings are now used to stock Palmerston, Lucky and Brule lakes with Lake Trout, so anyone who fishes these lakes needs to be concerned as well.

If you have any thoughts or help to offer, call Cecelia Slack at 613-479-0016.

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