| May 07, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - May 7, 2009 Pine Meadow receives Legion funding

Ernie Ballar, legion member; Bonnie George, administrator of Pine Meadow Nursing Home; Shirley Shouldice, padre of the Northbrook Legion Branch; Cecil Hawley, president of the Northbrook Legion Branch; Sonja Alcock, chair of the Board of Directors of Land O’ Lakes Community Services; Harry Andringa, legion member; Cathy Ballar, legion member and Board member of Land O’ Lakes Community Services.

We have all heard the statement, “You do not receive what you do not ask for” or “Ask and you will receive”. Well, Pine Meadow Nursing Home asked and we were rewarded for our efforts.

Last year Pine Meadow was approached by a Board member of the Land O’ Lakes Community Services which oversees the home, and a member of the local Northbrook Branch of the Legion with an application for funds to help us purchase much needed items for our home. So we applied. We went out on a limb and asked what we wished for and on April 7 we were rewarded for our efforts and were presented with a cheque for the amount of $6079.49 to pay for three new beds and an oximeter (a medical instrument that is placed on a patient’s finger that measures their oxygen level).

Pine Meadow is very grateful to the Legion for granting our wish and we have been encouraged to apply for more funding in the future. It is a pleasure to know that our home is able to take care of the needs of our residents by our local veterans, of which once jokingly noted, “We are just making the place better for when we come to live here.”

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