| May 14, 2009

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by Margaret Inwood, Lanark County Master Gardeners

Gardening is still a very popular trend today, but many people are cutting back on the size of their gardens. Container gardening and balcony gardening are very timesaving. Window boxes are also very colourful and not much work. Consumers want flowers, foliage, plants and veggies that will grow well in compact spaces as well as attractive containers in which to plant them. New containers have drainage holes, are not very heavy and come in many shapes and sizes and styles. You can buy fountains to mount on walls and a rain stick that is ideal for watering hard to reach hanging baskets. Be sure to plant some sun loving plants where at least six hours of sun shines on them; otherwise, choose shade tolerant plants. Do not use earth from your garden for containers as it may contain diseases. Buy mixes in bags that are designed for containers that incorporate vermiculite and peat moss. Container plants will require more watering than if they are planted in the garden. As a rule, small flowers look better in a small space rather than big blooms that can be overpowering. If your area gets a lot of wind, do not use moss-lined baskets as they dry out too quickly; rather use good-sized containers with solid sides. Geraniums are a favourite for window boxes and come in heat tolerant varieties.

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