| May 28, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - May 28, 2009 Local riders “dash for cash”by Julie Druker

Jessica Nedow on "Sunny Dayze" dashes for the cash in Parham at the first of four NCRHC horse shows

Competitive and hobby horse riders had a chance to show off their skills at the Parham fairgrounds on Sunday at the North Country Riders Horse Club’s (NCRHC) first horse show of the season.

For a small fee riders could enter seven events including barrel racing, pole bending, musical tires and the grand finale: the “Dash for Cash“.

For many riders like Dale Mallett, the show offers a chance to get out on his horse and enjoy a hobby that he has always loved.

For others like 14-year-old Jessica Nedow of Heads or Trails Boarding Stables in Parham, who competes in shows every weekend during the summer, it is a chance to hone her competitive skills close to home.

Jessica recently placed first in the 3rd Division of the National Barrel Horse Association competition, an event that includes competitors from all over Ontario and Quebec. She enjoys coming out to these local events and is not shy to give it her all.

These types of show races are all about control and speed and Jessica and her horse Sunny Dayze most definitely had everyone else biting their dust. An accomplished rider who been holding the reins since she was two years old, it is not surprising, given her experience and dedication to barrel racing, that she won all seven events that she entered in Sunday’s show in Parham.

In the final event she and Sunny Dayze clocked in at 7.7 seconds and took home the $30 pot in the finale Dash for Cash event.

Rhonda Babcook, who owns a hobby horse farm in Sydenham, is president of the NCRHC. She explained that the shows are open to riders from ages four and up who are at various skill levels. “Everyone is welcome to enter these events and moms and dads can even enter their youngsters and get into the ring and lead them around.”

If you like to ride or simply are looking for a local event that is enjoyable and exciting to watch, the NCRHC shows in Parham are a great place to be. The riders are also often willing to let you get up close and personal with their horses, which for me is as good a reason as any to get out to the races.

Sunday's NCRHC show was the first of four scheduled to take to place in Parham this season. The second show will be held in Parham on June 7. For more information, visit the NCRHC website at www.ncrhc.piczo.com 


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