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Re: Bill C-201, Jack Alexander

Re: Pharmacy Break In, John Earl

Re: OPP Shoot Bear, Katie Ladd, Alana Botting, Jason Scerri

Re: Bill C-201

To: Scott Reid, Member of Parliament

It has come to my attention that the second reading of Bill C-201 was carried successfully in Parliament with a vote of 139 Yeas, and 129 Nays.

I note that you were one of those who voted 'Nay'. As a result, just let me say that you have lost my support in any future election.

Your stance on this issue is indefensible. Your vote shows a lack of concern and respect for the welfare of those who have served, and are presently serving, their country with pride, courage and integrity, and putting their lives on the line to carry out this country's policies in foreign lands.

As a veteran, having served twenty-six years, I note that the Canadian Parliament had no qualms about absconding with the surplus funds that had built up in the Military/RCMP pension fund a few years ago. I also note that Members of Parliament become entitled to a life-long pension with no claw back at age 65 after having served only six years.

Shame on you and your fellow members that voted against Bill C-201! You and your party have gained my total disrespect!

A response to this email is neither wanted, nor expected.

Jack G. AlexanderMaster Warrant Officer (Ret'd)

Re: pharmacy break-in

The article in the recent paper about the break-in at the drug store in Sharbot Lake made me wonder about the police service the residents of the township are receiving.

The article seemed to indicate that the individual had sufficient time to force open the door and to look about the drug store and locate and break into the drug cabinets. He or she then had time to locate and remove drugs that have a high street value. Perhaps the individual had from five to 20 minutes to do the deed.

I wonder as to the response time of the police.

The township pays a significant amount of money for policing. Are we getting our money’s worth?

John Earl

Re: OPP shoots bear in Sydenham

How sad is it that we look at a cute picture of a bear in the North Frontenac news, then read that it was shot as it was up in a tree because it was probably spooked by all the people milling around trying to get a look. If they had gone into their homes like the Fire Department had asked, its life would have been spared and the MNR could have done their job instead of arriving to remove a carcass.

The two stories of the bears, the one that killed the donkey and the one that was shot in the tree, seem to be on the same page to draw attention away from the needless killing of the bear in the tree.

Katie Ladd, Alana Botting, Jason Scerri

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