| Apr 02, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - April Fools, 2009 Hollywood blockbuster filming in Frontenac County

New Moon, the second film in the popular hit 'Twilight' movie franchise, with its dreamy white-skinned stars Robert Pattenson and Kristin Stewart, is filming some crucial scenes in Frontenac County this week.

Movie sets for the film have been swamped, mainly by 12 to14-year-old girls, at set locations in Vancouver and Washington State, and the film company, Summit Films, has been quietly looking for alternate locations to film.

They required a beach and a cliff, so officials at Bon Echo Park were approached. The park will not be opening to the public for a few weeks, leaving it available for use as a closed set.

Massive heaters have been brought in to melt the winter snow, and the rainy spring weather of late March/early April has proved to be ideal weather for the gloomy vampire-themed New Moon.

The film crew’s presence has been denied by the Pealows at the Pine Grove motel in Northbrook, but the presence of three limousines in the parking lot early this week speaks for itself.

Rumours that the village of Verona will be used for the Italian scenes and that Castle Coffee in Harrowsmith will be used to impersonate a real castle have not been confirmed.

Kristin Stewart was sighted on Monday at the Cloyne Village Foods, and Robert Pattenson reportedly enquired about the price of an ATV next door at Nowell Motors, but aside from that the film crew has kept a low profile.

It is not known how long the crews will be in the region, but, according to an official with Summit films, speaking on a condition of anonymity “They might hang around until there is a clear night so they can film a starry night scene at Mallory Hill.”

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