| Apr 02, 2009

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Over the past three or four years I have heard numerous accounts of unusual sightings in our area. This creature I refer to has been described as having two large hind legs and two shorter arm and hand-like front legs, with long floppy ears. The colors vary from light brown to slate gray to off-white. These sightings have been dismissed by locals, citing the level of sobriety and mental state of those reporting are suspect in nature. These sightings appear be more frequent in the fall in hunting season and sometimes again with the arrival of spring.

Some of the witnesses swear that it is a kangaroo, while others say it's an extra large jackrabbit that was once native to the area; one is adamant that it has to be a small deer with its two front legs shot off by an over anxious or under skilled hunter. But how could this be? Coyotes or wolves would have surely feasted on it that winter, and what are the chances that the same thing could happen repeatedly in the same area year after year? The jackrabbit theory bears some consideration but overall body size by all sources eliminate it. A kangaroo is also a possibility but never has there been mention of a large thick tail, virtually eliminating it. As I describe this to the grandchildren, their explanation is it's the Easter Bunny: long floppy ears, the right color, hops on its hind legs, has arm-like front legs, looks similar to a jack rabbit but is larger and is seen in the spring. Their explanation is that in the fall it's out gathering materials to make colours to paint the eggs in his cave over the long winter months to be ready for delivery to the children next Easter. Not wanting to dash the hopes of the youngsters, I tell them they are probably right. However, my conclusions are that there is a distinct possibility that this, in reality, could be a kangaroo. Although in the description there is no mention of a tail, this could be is due to the shock of seeing such a creature. I leave you, the readers, with this information so you can form your own conclusions. When traveling the back roads in this area, be aware that it could reappear at any given time as it is nearing spring. Please drive safely and report all sightings.

Let’s all help solve this mystery. Have your camera ready - a picture is worth a thousand words.

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