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On Wednesday, April 1 at 7 pm. in the Lions Hall in Verona, snake lovers and fraidy cats are invited to an evening of snakes, snappers and skinks with Shaun Thompson, District Ecologist at Kemptville MNR and Todd Norris, District Ecologist at Peterborough MNR. It is sponsored by the Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Stewardship Councils, and Friends of the Salmon River.

Come and touch a live black rat snake. They are totally harmless. The longest, record-setting one stretched out at 8 ½ ft long. As Canada’s largest snake, the black rat has a maligned reputation although it’s actually quite docile. They can be found sunning on rocks in the Frontenac Axis region in southeastern Ontario.

The ecologists will talk about the black (eastern) rat snake and its biology, distribution and status in Ontario. They will also cover other reptiles and amphibians for the area with an emphasis on Species at Risk – Blanding’s, stinkpot and snapping turtles, as well as the five-lined skink. There will be slides, a real snake and fascinating stories.

Come with lots of questions, as Shaun directs an evening of audience participation. Bring the family and let the kids explore the world of snakes, turtles and skinks.

Shaun Thompson has been District Ecologist with Kemptville MNR since 1993. He spent 12 years as fish and wildlife technician, was park warden and superintendent in Ontario parks, and Deputy Conservation Officer for 12 years. He has studied the black rat snake since 1983 and is chair of the recovery team. Shaun spent 2 years in the St. Lawrence Islands National Park modelling Species at Risk with stinkpot turtles and five-lined skinks.

All are welcome, free of charge.

For more information, contact: the Frontenac Stewardship Council 613-531-5714

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