| Mar 05, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - March 5, 2009 Flyers out after a great seasonBy Julie Druker

The Frontenac Flyers seemed to run out of gas during their last two playoff games against Amherstview losing 11-1 on Thursday and 10-3 on Saturday. Head coach Rob Lalonde, acknowledging that the scoring in those last two games was pretty lopsided, said “We didn’t play all that well whereas Amherstview really came out to play and played well. We couldn’t shut them down.”

Injuries to some of the Flyers’ key players didn’t help.

Connor Steacy was injured in Thursday's game, and Connor Dorey played Saturday with a badly cut finger while Jake Dosenger had been nursing a shoulder injury.

Although his players played through their injuries, Lalonde felt that once down by a couple of goals the team as a whole seemed to lose their steam. At the same time Lalonde remained positive overall. “I like to focus on our positives and the successes that we have had this season. I wanted the players to walk away with that”.

The team had two specific goals for the season. First, to make the playoffs and second to end up with close .500 points by season's end. They accomplished both.

Lalonde met with each player individually after their final game to see where they were at and to find out what their future plans might be. While many members on the team will be coming back, quite a few will be heading off to school

"There will definitely be quite a few holes to fill,” Lalonde said.

The fact that the team made the playoffs and played solid hockey all season makes Lalonde confident that the selling job to fill those holes will be a lot easier this summer than it was last summer.

Congratulations to the team and coaches on a great showing this season.

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