| Mar 05, 2009

Back to HomeFeature Article - March 5, 2009 Addington Highlands CouncilBy Jeff Green

Monitoring of Kaladar Waste site –

“Here we have our favourite topic, it seems, the Kaladar Waste site,” said Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch, sitting in for Henry Hogg to chair this week’s Council meeting (March 2).

Council received a report from Quinte–Eco Consultants regarding leachate, groundwater, surface water and gas found in and around at the Kaladar waste site. The report was based on tests that were conducted in the spring, summer, and fall of 2008.

The test results showed there have been impacts on the groundwater in the vicinity of the site, such as increased ph levels, iron and manganese levels, etc. but “no health related parameters exceed the 'Ontario Drinking Water Standards'”.

The waste site is located near wetlands and therefore monitoring is necessary on a consistent basis. The report recommends that a monitoring and sampling program be continued in 2009, and this was accepted by Council.

“I don't think we have a choice,” said Councillor Eythel Grant.

The recommendations were accepted.

Rec. club has ambitious plans – As outlined in a letter to Council, the Flinton Recreation Club would like to enlarge the existing canteen on the grounds, a project that could include building a storage shed for a zamboni that they may be able to acquire. They are seeking council's “support and funding if necessary”. They hope to be able to get a grant from the Hydro Power Play Program to cover the expansion.

The second thing they want to do is put in a coverall for the outdoor rink. This is described in the letter as a “massive project” for which the club will need Council's “permission, guidance and financial support to obtain estimates, expertise, knowledgeable advice, etc. to move forward this project for our community.”

Club President Duane Thibault proposed to meet with Council to discuss the proposal.

Doctor recruitment ad – Ken Hook sent a letter to Council proposing that the township purchase an ad in the Bon Echo tabloid that is “presented each year to 180,000 visitors.”

Of those, a number might be health care professionals who might like to practice in the area if they knew an opportunity existed. The ad would direct readers to the Friends of Bon Echo web site, which would contain a link to the Addington Highlands Doctor Recruitment site.

Council agreed to purchase a 3” by 4” ad for $350.

Half loads on this Sunday – Anyone with major hauling to do should think about trucking this week, because half loads on township roads will be enforced as of Sunday, March 8th, said roads supervisor Royce Rosenblath.

This is consistent with previous years.

“The restrictions will be enforced whether the roads are frozen or not,” Rosenblath said.

Tower upgrades – A letter was received from the lawyers for Bell, Telus and Rogers, which said “one or more of them will be looking to improve the quality of their wireless service in this area within the next 12 months.”

The letter goes on to point out that communications towers are federally regulated and are not bound by municipal zoning laws.

It suggests that a protocol for a consultation process be followed in the mutual interest of providers and the township.

Council passed a resolution to adopt the process and appointed Reeve Hogg to be the township contact for it.

Flinton Bridge construction – Royce Rosenblath reported the Flinton bridge construction is now on track and will “hopefully be completed on time.”

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