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Letters - January 10, 2008

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Letters - January 10, 2008 LettersDecember 20Re: Hillier’s stand on Uranium Mining, Gail kennedy, Harrowsmith. "RE Randy Hillier on Uranium Mining"

My husband is a supporter of Randy Hillier, having watched him for four years before being convinced Randy was not just another "politician", the clincher being at a Verona “Meet Randy Hillier" meeting, when before introducing Mr. Hillier, he asked Randy what he should say, and received the answer, "Say anything you want as long as it is the truth."

That statement sealed his loyalty, and dedication to Randy Hillier, further enjoined by witnessing his cool calm attitude, courage, and defence of our rural people.

As to the comments in John McEwen's misinformed letter to your paper, Randy Hillier was the only one that night in Verona who had the courage to tell the truth about the Robertsville fiasco and not kowtow to political correctness, as the other three candidates did, falling all over themselves in the process. Mr. Hillier, also attacked the Mining Act as the real problem, which allows prospectors legal right to stake claims and mine private property, and he was the only one to take a stand on this, a stand he has always taken, long before the Robertsville fiasco occurred.

While it appears to be that John McEwen and his cohorts fear landowners organizations, he might be pleased to know that such attempts at discrediting Randy Hillier and using the police in failed attempts to intimidate people into silence have only had the opposite effect, a fact that shall soon present in the very near future.

Gail Kennedy, Harrowsmith

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