| Jan 31, 2008

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Feature Article - January 31, 2008 Calling SHS teens who like to read By Wilma Kenny

The photo shows (LtoR seated) Jessica Warmington, Alexandra Sproule, Jordan Dickson. Kimberly Sutherland Mills is standing.

Last week, the Sydenham Library held its first Teen Advisory Group (TAG) meeting. What is TAG and what does it do? It’s one of Kingston Frontenac Public Library’s volunteer groups, made up of teens between 12 and 18 who have library cards. The group meets monthly with teen librarian Kimberly Sutherland Mills to help the library in a variety of ways. They may recommend books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines for the library to purchase, help plan a special space for teens in the library, and suggest and organize teen programs. (The Kingston TAG groups created a float for the Santa Claus parade, to help promote the library.) They use the library’s teen website to list and review books, CDs and DVDs, and to chat with each other about them.

It’s a win-win, for in the process of helping the library become more ‘teen-friendly’, TAG members gain leadership and teamwork skills, make new friends and earn community service hour credits for attendance and participation. The group has a modest budget to be used as they see fit: e.g. snacks and supplies. (Members are expected, when they join, to make a commitment for the school year: meetings are usually held once a month.)

Sydenham library is the first branch outside Kingston to be chosen for a TAG group, and it was picked on the basis of the number of teens already using the library, as well as the convenience of the after-hours buses.

The next Sydenham TAG meeting will be Thursday, February 21 at 3PM. Snacks will be provided. For further info, check out the volunteer section of the KFPL website or e-mail Kimberley: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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