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Feature Article - March 6, 2008

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Feature Article - March 6, 2008 Addington Highlands council -Mar 3, 2008By Jeff Green

Cross Lake Road May be Township Owned

Cross Lake Road residents have found a document that says that a disputed portion of the Cross Lake Road in Addington Highlands, a portion that has been blocked by a property owner who owns the land the road passes over, is the property of the township.

The parcel registry from the Ontario Land Registry Office lists “Public Authority having Jurisdiction” under the heading of “owner's name” for the disputed section of the road, which is a short stretch between Perry and Oliver Roads near Hwy. 41 at Kaladar.

The property owner of the surrounding land blocked off the road last year, and the township facilitated another landowner in building up an alternate access to the road by improving the historic Addington Road.

But the alternate access includes a sharp turn, and Cross Lake Road resident Norene Traynor says the turn makes it impossible to move her trailer-home in and out of her property.

“We use propane as well, and the large truck can’t access our property, either,” Traynor said. “The Cross Lake Road is a straight stretch of road, but what we have now is impossible.”

She has been pressuring the township to take action, and was hoping that by unearthing the land registry document this would happen.

Reeve Henry Hogg received the document on Friday (February 29) but at Monday’s AH Council meeting he told Traynor that “the surveyor is doing some further investigation. There is no supporting documentation that the township has for the document you brought to us last week.”

“So that is not sufficient, what we brought in?” asked Lea Dowling, a supporter of Norene Traynor.

“Apparently not,” Henry Hogg replied.

“If the township does indeed own that road, would you contact Brian [Shier] and tell him?” Dowling asked.

“Yes,” said Henry Hogg, “hopefully in the next day or two we’ll have some sort of answer as to the ownership of that property.”

Other items from Addington Highlands Council:

War display for Denbigh Library. A display which includes war medals and other WWII paraphernalia from Mr. Ball, who hailed from Denbigh, will be located at the Denbigh library. The township approved placing the display in the library, and will cover any extra insurance costs that arise as a result.

Car troubles – cars parked in the vicinity of the turnaround at Skootamatta Lake caused a problem for township ploughs after the latest winter storm, and Roads Superintendant Royce Rosenblath wants people to be aware that their vehicle can be towed if it is preventing access for road crews.

Salt/sand shortage - The township is in need of more sand, but it is not alone, and salt delivery is delayed because demand has been so great throughout Ontario this winter and many municipalities are running short. Addington Highlands should be able to hang on until delivery comes in the next week or so.

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