| Apr 03, 2008

Feature Article - April Fools

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Feature Article -April Fools Biosphere Reserve Promotes Local Sustainable TourismBy Wil McKenny

In a recent press release, a UN spokesperson has made a rather unique suggestion for South Frontenac Township. After a number of brainstorming workshops which have focused on the development of sustainable tourism in areas within the designated Biosphere Reserve, they have found one idea coming to the forefront ahead of all others.

As a result of this recommendation, the recreation committees of Portland and Loughborough districts have agreed to hold a trial period this summer during which the public beaches at both Sydenham and Verona will permit suit-free swimming.

A proposal to use the beaches in Storrington district for this activity has been rescinded for safety reasons, because, as Mayor Davidson said recently, “The sun always shines in Storrington district.”

It is hoped this plan will attract tourists who might otherwise not consider venturing to Ontario. The Land O’ Lakes Tourist Society is a partner to this project, and is planning a marketing campaign in France under the slogan “Les Lunes sont nues Frontenac.”

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