| Apr 24, 2008

Feature Article - April 24, 2008

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Feature Article -April 24, 2008 North Addington Education Center builds planter boxesBy Jeff Green

The Land O'Lakes Garden Club prepares for planting.

The best ideas are always the ones that that are in plain view. That may have been what the Land o' Lakes Garden Club was thinking when they envisioned how Kaladar, Denbigh, Northbrook, Flinton and Cloyne could be beautified. Thanks to grade ten and twelve students at the North Addington Education Center, that dream is becoming a reality. The students built attractive planter boxes and the area will soon burst into bloom.

The project was a collaborative one from the start. The start-up funding was provided by North Addington, and was further helped by the Garden Club and a donation of stain from the Interior Zone in Northbrook. Over twenty local businesses each adopted a planter, agreed to finance the plants and nurture them from late spring into the fall months.

The annuals, designed and planted by the Land o’ Lakes Garden Club, are already flourishing in the greenhouses at the Upper Flinton Garden Center. They will be maintained there until early June, and then moved to their respective locations.

The planters will enhance the natural beauty of this area. Residents, tourists, and cottagers will not have to look very hard to spot these splashes of color in both sunny and shady spots around our communities.

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