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Feature Article - May 8, 2008

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Feature Article - May 8, 2008 South Frontenac CouncilBy Wilma Kenny

High-speed Internet Subsidy Voted Down

Council discussed the recommendation "that Council authorizes the reimbursement to Council members who wish to take advantage of high-speed internet connection and reimburse the installation costs plus the monthly charge for this service." The motion for this, and the amendment that would have had taxpayers cover only the monthly charges were both defeated. "I don’t want charity," commented Councillor Fillion. Councillors will continue to receive their information from the township via fax machines.

Future Library and Municipal Offices

In reply to Councillor McPhail’s query about the status of an expansion to accommodate the library and municipal offices, Mayor Davison said he had a new report related to this on his desk, and was trying to fit it into a busy agenda. "There’ll be a lot to talk about." No date was set.

East Bedford Residents Unhappy

Councillor Hahn said that the residents of Eastern Bedford feel they will be badly served by the cancellation of the emergency response agreement with Westport. (Westport is the only municipality that charges a fee for automatic aid.) A heated and inconclusive discussion followed: the Fire Marshall will be consulted for his assessment of the situation.

Harrowsmith Storage to Expand

Council approved a zoning by-law amendment which will permit expansion of the industrial storage operation just south of Harrowsmith. A site plan and agreement will address the issues of demolishing one house on the expanded property and relocating the other house from the original property.

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