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Feature Article - June 19, 2008

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Feature Article - June 19, 2008 South Frontenac Councilby Wilma KennyFour Residents Honoured

Following the township awards to the volunteers of the year, Mayor Davison announced that four township women, Jenna Lambert, Natalie Lambert, Sue Creasy and Sally Blasko, have been recipients of the 2007 World Charity Award. This award was founded by Wayne Gretzky to honour individuals who have made "extraordinary contributions to help charities reach their goals in life."Each year, 99 individuals are recognized.

Speed Limits

In introducing a motion to set reduced speed limits on Railton, Cliffside and Kingsmere roads in Loughborough district, Public Works Manager Segsworth noted that these roads had recently been brought up to standard so they could be assumed by the township, and the recommended limits were compatible with those already in force in the area. He added that this highlighted the need for the township to develop a policy about reducing speed limits on township roads, where the issue might not be so clear.

Portland District and Area Heritage Society

This Society (formerly the Verona Area Heritage Society) has become a Committee of the Township of South Frontenac, so that its directors and activities will be covered under the Township’s liability insurance policy. The group formed in 2002, with the goal to "recognize, record and preserve the history of Portland District and Area, to recognize those who have come before and for the benefit of future generations."

Playground Inspections

Councillor Vandewal commended Alan Revill, Chief Building Official, for his very thorough report on the state of the township playgrounds. Revill’s recommendations have been handed to the district recreation committees for implementation.

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