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Feature Article - June 19, 2008

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Feature Article - June 19, 2008 Addington HighlandsCouncil - June 16/08by Jule Koch Brison

Tappins Bay dock

The public dock at Tappins Bay is the only access for waterbound properties on Mazinaw Lake. The dock is owned by North Frontenac Township and for years Mazinaw Lake property owners have been trying to get them to upgrade it.

Arndt Kruger of the Mazinaw Lake Property Owners Association attended Monday night’s council meeting to propose a solution to Addington Highlands Council.

He described some of the difficulties with the dock, saying, “Only two boats at most can approach it – with caution. People have had to wait for an hour or more to use it, sitting in their boats.” According to Kruger, “North Frontenac is not interested – they’d like to see it disintegrate and disappear.”

North Frontenac has proposed to the Mazinaw Lake Property Owners Association that the association buy the dock for $1, but Kruger told AH Council that was not a solution because of the difficulty of obtaining liability insurance.

He proposed that Addington Highlands lease the Tappins Bay dock from North Frontenac for $1 or $2/year, which would bring it under Addington Highlands’ insurance coverage, and the association would look after it. Kruger said that the association has already built a floating dock, which is presently sitting at Smarts Marina, that could be used to extend the Tappins Bay dock.

Deputy Reeve Helen Yanch asked if the Ministry of Natural Resources would approve the extension. Kruger replied that Mitch Closs of the MNR had told him that as long as it was not a navigational hazard they would approve it.

Council voted to look into leasing the Tappins Bay dock.

$1000 FOR AFAR: Larry Pealow of the economic development committee came to council wearing two hats. The first was for AFAR, the area’s proposed radio station, which needs $1000 to hire an engineer and register a business name. Pealow said the AFAR committee has planned fundraisers and will apply for a Trillium grant. Reeve Hogg then told Pealow that the township has probably used up its Trillium allotment for the year. “We’ll need it [the money from the township] even more then,” Pealow replied. Council agreed to AFAR’s request.

Land o’ lakes Garden Club: Pealow also asked council for $500 for the garden club, which has had 24 flower boxes built and placed them at businesses along the Hwy 41 corridor. Twenty-one for the boxes were built by NAEC students. The club will be building and planting more boxes. Council agreed to the request.

Denbigh Ambulance: At the request of the Denbigh Ambulance Committee, the township will draft a letter to the OPP, asking them to assess the significance of the Denbigh Ambulance Service.

Lion's Toll: The Land o’ Lakes Lions will be holding their annual voluntary road toll from June 26 to 28 in the village of Northbrook.

Fearnley Davies, animal control officer, notified council of an increase in the hourly rate to $15 per hour and a raise in the mileage rate to $0.47 per kilometre. Council agreed to the new hourly rate, but voted to continue paying Davies the township’s regular rate of $0.45 per kilometre

Rink Windows: At a request from the Denbigh Recreation Committee, council agreed to replace three windows in the rink building, for a cost of about $1500. The windows are made of plexiglass, and have deteriorated. The new windows will also be of plexiglass, but of a heavier gauge.

Council received for information a letter from the Lake Weslemkoon Conservation Association setting forth several issues, including garbage and recycling.

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