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Feature Article - June 5, 2008

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Feature Article - June 5, 2008 International Food Festival at NAECBy Katie Olhke

Dan, a grade 10 Hospitality student, stands in front of his Jamaican cuisine. The grade 10 Hospitality class hosted an International Food Fair for the NAEC staff last week.

Mouth-watering aromas drifted through the hallways of North Addington Education Centre last week as the Grade 10 Hospitality class hosted their 1st annual International Food Festival for the teachers and staff.

Six countries were featured: Jamaica, Italy, Mexico, Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines each boasted several traditional dishes. Staff could also read information such as climate, traditions and signature dishes pertaining to each country. The event was attended by 22 staff members who all left “full” and thoroughly impressed with the level of skill and professionalism demonstrated by the student chefs.

"My favourite part of the project was hearing that everybody liked it so much," said Alex, a student in the class who cooked Indonesian cuisine. Dan, another student, who's spicy Jamaican jerked chicken was a staff favourite, commented, "I really enjoyed being able to cook all of my dishes on my own. It helped me understand the project better." The 12 students who have been learning from the expertise of Mrs. Valerie Allan have created many delicious dishes this semester.

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