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Feature Article - July 24, 2008

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Feature Article - July 24, 2008 Omniglobe broadband serviceResidents of North Frontenac, Addington Highlands and parts of Olden and Kennebec districts in Central Frontenac will have to wait a few more weeks before finding out if broadband internet service will be available to them thie fall..

Nigel Maund, from OmniGlobe Networks, made an appearance at Frontenac County Council to talk about the kinds of services his company will be offering once towers are in place in Mountain Grove, Plevna, and Cloyne.

“The problem is that we are limited to the regions around the three towers,” said Maund. “We would like to deveop a business plan for he next round which would involve expanding the service to include more territory.

Omniglobe was the preferred bidder in a request for proposal process to deliver broadband from the three towers to the public schools in the three communities. The same infrastructure can be used to deliver broadband to the general public, provided they can be reached.

“We won’t be able to know exactly where the signal will reach until the towers are up, and in many cases it will require a site visit to make that determination,” he told the News after his presentation.

On the Omniglobe website (omiglobebroadband.com) it only says “coming soon” under the “projected network coverage” tab for the Kingston region project, but there is an opportunity to pre-register for service.

The price that will be charged for service will be “under $50 a month plus installation and there will be no fee charged for equipment” Maund said.

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