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Feature Article - July 24, 2008

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Feature Article - July 24, 2008 Opening of Tracy Park in NorthbrookBy Jeff Green

Sarah Yoeh cutting the ribbon to officially open the Northbrook skateboard park.

The celebration over the opening of a $100,000 recreation park behind the Lion’s Hall in Northbrook was tinged with sadness.

The recreation park,which includes a skateboard park, a jungle gym climbing unit, a basketball court, and a beach volleyball court, was inspired and initially promoted to Addington Highlands Council by Tracy Yeoh in 2006.

The Park was christened Tracy Park in her honour, but she did not live to see the opening. Tracy Yeoh died of Cancer in May of this year.

Ken Hook of the Addington Highlands Recreation Committee was the MC for the opening ceremonies, which included two ribbon cuttings, and a performance by a troupe of young professional skateboarders.

Reeve Henry Hogg brought greetings from the township, which backed the project from the start.

Ken Hook then intoduced John Macdougall of Verona, the chair of the local adjudication committee for the Trillium Foundation.

Trillium gave $75,000 to help build the skateboard park. “It wasn’t the only money we received, but it is what got us off to a really good start,” said Hook

MacDougall said that Foundation delivered $102 million in grants throughout Ontario last year, and will deliver $110 milion this year and $120 milion next year.

“Projects like the one here in Northbrook are exactly what the foundation is looking for,” said MacDougall. “Be sure and give us a call when you begin phase 2 of the Park.”

“We’ve got your phone number,” said Hook.

Representatives from Ontario Hydro were on hand to present a checque for $5,000, which paid for a climbing unit that is part of the park.

Sara Yeoh, flanked by her two brothers, then gave a short, heartfelt speech. She talked about her mother’s commitment to recreation and the joy that the success of the fundrasing and building project brought her as she heard reports of the progress that was being made over the past couple of years.

Jacob Yeoh (at Left) spoke as well, saying he was the kind of troublemaking kid that his mother wanted to build a skateboard park for, to keep him occupied.

“She would say if you break your arm skateboarding at least it will keep you hung up for a while,” he said.

Then it was time to cut the ribbon, which was done by Sarah Yeoh.

A second ribbon cutting, at the climber, in front of the Tracy Park placque, followed.

With the formalities out of the way, the skatepark was put to use by the Monke Sakteboards troupe, who demonstrated how to do all sorts of hair raising tricks on the park, to the delight of a young audience.

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