| Oct 23, 2008

Oct 23/08 - Christmas Comes Early

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Feature Article - October 23, 2008 Christmas comes early to Bradshaw School HouseBy Julie Druker

Local children perform a skit for the old fashioned Christmas concert at the Bradshaw School House

Lois Webster with the help of many volunteers and her husband Richard put on two Christmas concerts at the Bradshaw School House over the weekend. Both were based on the old style type of Christmas concerts that you don’t get to see in schools anymore these days.

The one-room school house was hung with large, cut out, white paper snowflakes, a Christmas tree and red and white streamers.

The concert was full of old-fashioned charm. There was a series of recitations, songs, plays and skits performed by Lois, her sister Audrey Patrick, Wayne Sheppard, Helen Pike and a cast of local children.

Lois was pleased with the turn out and how things unfolded, given the fact that the cast only got together three times before the first performance.

She was thrilled to find out that Fred Breese, from Westport, who taught at the school in the 1940s was at the Sunday show and she took some time to speak with him before he left.

Lois is extremely keen on keeping these old traditions alive. She is already thinking of making changes for next year’s show and she said, “I already have an offer of help for next year’s show so it’ll be even bigger and better.”

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