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Feature Article - August 21, 2008

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Feature Article - August 21, 2008 Top Class Trillium Regatta returns to SydenhamBy Julie Druker

Sydenham Lake Canoe Club competitors.

The Sydenham Lake Canoe Club hosted the Trillium Regatta this Sunday at the Point for their second consecutive summer. Qualified competitors from the Peewee and Bantam classes from 13 teams across Eastern and Western Ontario competed in this championship, the top level of competition for this age group of 10 to14-year-olds.

Paddlers from the Sydenham Lake Canoe Club competed in a number of events, which included singles, doubles and four-person teams in canoe and kayak sprints, races and relays.

Sydenham Club competitors included Emily and Jacob Sharpe, Megan Veley, Genevieve L’Abbe, Jack and Ally Fenlong, Cia Myles-Gonzales, Robyn Miazga, Erica Gibbons and Nick Willar.

Head Coach Haleigh Miazga, while busy making some last minute repairs to one of her boats, commented on the club‘s progress: “The team is doing really well today. We have a lot of first year paddlers that have qualified for these races, which is a great thing.“

Highlights of the day included the Bantam women’s C4 1000m team who had to re-race with the K4s to get a final official time. Their boat was overturned in their initial race due to boat wash from one of the official boats on the course. The team ended up taking the gold medal.

Robyn Miazga and Cia Myles-Gonzales came away with a silver in the C2 500m sprint and a bronze medal in the K2 500m sprint.

The beach and park at the Point in Sydenham were swollen with 1500 plus people, including competitors, fans, friends and family, plus the boats, trailers and gear of the 13 competing teams.

The weather was perfect, clear and sunny with just a touch of wind, just what the hosting club had hoped for.

The course is a favorite for teams and fans alike. Eric Miazga, Commodore for the Sydenham club explained, “ Even though our club is one of the smaller ones in Ontario, our permanent course, which is Canada Coast Guard approved, is the primary reason why championship regattas can be held here in Sydenham.”

The course was constructed with the help of a 2003 Ontario Trillium grant. A second grant received in 2007 helped the club to expand and host the two consecutive regattas these past two summers.

Eric said he is “honored to be able to host the event here in Sydenham.” He added, “It’s a real testament to the club and the people who look after it, the coaches, members and all of the volunteers who help to make it such a successful event.”

The club provided a canteen of fresh baked and barbecued snacks and refreshments. There was ample space for vendors to set up booths to sell merchandise and other team-related souvenirs. First time visitors to the event commented on the beauty of the surroundings, the quality of the course and the hospitality of the hosting team.

Eric Miazga was pleased with the turnout and the success of the event. He is hoping to see the club continue to grow in the future.

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