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Feature Article - August 21, 2008

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Feature Article - August 21, 2008 I scream, you scream, we all scream for garlic ice creamBy Julie Druker

Ted Mazcka a.k.a., the Fish Lake garlic man.

For all of you garlic lovers mark Saturday August 30 on your calendars, the day the Verona Lions will be holding their annual Garlic Festival at the Lions Hall in Verona.

This year’s festival, organized by Linda Willis, will feature a number of delectable items for those who crave everything garlicky including the Lions’ own Garlic Egg McLion, BBQed garlic sausages, and for the ice cream lovers…garlic, lemon and ginger ice cream.

Several local garlic growers will be selling their produce along with local artisans who will be displaying and selling their creations.

There will be entertainment at noon with Dr. Kaboom’s Circus. There will be seminars by Ted Mazcka a.k.a., the Fish Lake garlic man, and by the “Garlic Guru”, Paul Pospisil.

The Irish Disorders will be playing live music to get everyone’s appetites going.

The event will also be hosting the 2008 Eastern Ontario Garlic awards which is sponsored by Verona’s Local Family Farms. Garlic growers from all over eastern Ontario will be competing in four categories and the event is open to all garlic growers in Eastern Ontario.

So to all of you garlic growers out there, this is the opportunity to show off your bulbs.

For further information please contact Ken Willis at 613 374-3081 or email: holyverona @hotmail.com

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